Joe Lee Food Importing in Asia

How Can Joe Lee Limited help you?

Joe Lee Limited is a company built on relationships and precision execution.   Our experience in International Business Development and local knowledge of the rich culture in Asia is a crucial component to your success.    Joe Lee has leveraged this dynamic into many verticals of operation, such as Product Brand Managment, Merchandising, Marketing, International Logistics, Regulatory Compliance,  and International Trading.

Our centralized location with offices in Tokyo, Japan, and South Korea puts in very close proximity to everything that is happening in Asia.  Our scope of operation extends into the very well established retail trading channel, as well as the emerging new paradigm of product merchandising in Asia.  

We look forward to discussing how we can assist you in bringing your International Asian Market Expansion from the concept drawing board to success on your balance sheet.  

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Our Paradigm



Our Relationships run deep in Asia.  Let us help you navigate the complex landscape and be your boots on the ground to bring your project to market in Asia


International Compliance

Joe Lee has a strong track record of assisting food manufacturers to navigate their product through regulatory compliance and clearing the path to bring your product to market. 


Merchandising & Marketing

Joe Lee's regional support can assist food companies in not only introducing their products into the Asian market but realizing growth and a high return on investment.